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Company number: 00026018

Reporting period:
1 July 2022 to 31 December 2022

Warning This information is as reported by the business, and responses are in their own words.

This report was filed on 25 January 2023

and approved by Robert Eveson

Payment statistics

Average time taken to pay invoices: 90 days

Invoices paid:

Invoices due but not paid within agreed terms: 12 %

Payment terms

Standard payment period for qualifying contracts

90 days

Standard payment terms

Our standard payment terms are as follows:

Molson Coors shall process payment of an invoice on the first Payment Date following the expiry of the 90 days’ period commencing on the later of the receipt of a valid VAT invoice delivered in accordance with the contract or the acceptance of the goods by Molson Coors. Payment shall be made to the bank account nominated in writing by the supplier.

“Payment Date” means the next payment run. Payments are processed weekly on a Monday for receipt of payment on a Wednesday.

Were there any changes to the standard payment terms in the reporting period?


Maximum contractual payment period agreed

90 days

Any other information about payment terms

Our payment terms reflect the high operating cost associated with our industry.

Longer payment terms are appropriately negotiated and mutually agreed.

Dispute resolution process

Molson Coors is committed to efficient invoice and payment processing.

We believe that it is important to provide our suppliers with a fair and transparent dispute resolution process which deals with what actions they can take if and when a dispute or concern arises. With this in mind, our suppliers are issued with a copy of our invoice process and dispute resolution process at the outset of the relationship.

Invoices with price and quantity discrepancies outside accepted tolerances will not be included in payment until the mismatch is resolved. All discrepancies are investigated internally by the buyers to verify if the invoice is correct or not; this is typically the person who placed the order with you. Our Accounts Payable Team will inform you of any discrepancy, the reason for the rejection and the action required. Please ensure that your contact details are up to date and correct. These can be updated by contacting

Where a credit note is issued, please check that the cause of the error is resolved to avoid further discrepancies, as they create additional work for both parties and create risk of a delay to payment.

Please contact the Accounts Payable Team by or phone or e-mail for status updates of individual invoices and by e-mail only for a large number of invoices or a full statement.

Our accounts payable team endeavour to provide a first response within 3 working days of receiving a query.

Tel: 0800 7833 799 Option 1

Please avoid sending duplicate invoices for invoices in query. Please do not send invoices to the accounts payable address as they will not be processed.

If you are unable to reach a resolution to an issue or have any concerns, please escalate this to your Molson Coors relationship owner.

Other payment information

Has this business signed up to a code of conduct or standards on payment practices? If so, which?

For example, signatories to The Prompt Payment Code must commit to paying 95% of their invoices within 60 days.


Does this business offer e-invoicing in relation to qualifying contracts? This is where suppliers can electronically submit and track invoices. It’s not just allowing suppliers to email them an invoice.


Does this business offer supply chain finance? This is where a supplier who has submitted an invoice can be paid by a third-party finance provider earlier than the agreed payment date. The business would then pay the finance provider the invoiced sum.


Under its payment practices and policies, can this business deduct sums from payments under qualifying contracts as a charge for remaining on a supplier list?


During the reporting period, did the business deduct sums from payments as a charge for remaining on a supplier list?