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Company number: 09084257

Reporting period:
28 September 2020 to 27 March 2021

Warning This information is as reported by the business, and responses are in their own words.

This report was filed on 30 April 2021

and approved by Nick Allen

Payment statistics

Average time taken to pay invoices: 49 days

Invoices paid:

Invoices due but not paid within agreed terms: 38 %

Payment terms

Standard payment period for qualifying contracts

45 days

Standard payment terms

"Payment: Payment terms are net 45 days unless otherwise agreed between Starbucks and Seller.
Payment date is when payment is mailed or otherwise tendered. Acceptance of payment by Seller constitutes a release of Starbucks from liability related to the invoiced Goods. Starbucks may offset refunds or reductions from one Order with Seller against obligations under other Orders. Seller agrees to refund any overpayments immediately upon discovery. The Seller will issue VAT invoices in respect of the sums payable by Starbucks prior to the relevant payment date. Unless otherwise stated in the Order the price of the Goods and payment shall be in Euro. If the Order stipulates a different currency, payment will be in Euro, applying the spot exchange rate quoted by HSBC Bank plc at 5pm on the business day preceding the due date for payment"

Were there any changes to the standard payment terms in the reporting period?


Maximum contractual payment period agreed

60 days

Maximum is 60days, but 99,99% of all contractual payment terms are net45 days or less

Any other information about payment terms


Dispute resolution process

"Starbucks typically seeks to work closely with its suppliers to reach a cordial settlement of any disputes, in the spirit of long-term partnership

Infringement: Starbucks reserves the right to return any Goods and terminate the Agreement for default where a claim is made that Starbucks’ sale or use of the Goods infringes any alleged patent, design, trade name, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property right of a third party.  Seller shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless, Starbucks and Customers against any and all liability, loss or expense, including costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees, by reason of any design, patent, trade name, trademark, copyright or unfair competition claim now existing or hereafter asserted with respect to any Goods

Non-Compliance: Starbucks is not obligated to pay for or accept excess quantities, materially untimely or under-shipments in whole or in part, and such shipments may be returned at Seller’s expense and risk. If Starbucks elects to accept any delivery that does not conform to the schedule or quantity terms of the Agreement, a handling charge may be charged to Seller’s account.

Other payment information

Has this business signed up to a code of conduct or standards on payment practices? If so, which?

For example, signatories to The Prompt Payment Code must commit to paying 95% of their invoices within 60 days.


Does this business offer e-invoicing in relation to qualifying contracts? This is where suppliers can electronically submit and track invoices. It’s not just allowing suppliers to email them an invoice.


Does this business offer supply chain finance? This is where a supplier who has submitted an invoice can be paid by a third-party finance provider earlier than the agreed payment date. The business would then pay the finance provider the invoiced sum.


Under its payment practices and policies, can this business deduct sums from payments under qualifying contracts as a charge for remaining on a supplier list?


During the reporting period, did the business deduct sums from payments as a charge for remaining on a supplier list?