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Company number: 02110620

Reporting period:
1 July 2019 to 31 December 2019

Warning This information is as reported by the business, and responses are in their own words.

This report was filed on 29 January 2020

and approved by Ruth Stewart

Payment statistics

Average time taken to pay invoices: 57 days

Invoices paid:

Invoices due but not paid within agreed terms: 20 %

Payment terms

Shortest standard payment period

1 days

Longest standard payment period

90 days

Standard payment terms

All qualifying contracts can be categorised as follows

Raw Material- 30 days from invoice date

Goods For Resale- 60 days from invoice date

Packaging- 60 days from invoice date

General Purchasing - 60 days from invoice date

Logistics - 60 days from invoice date

Intercompany- 30 days from invoice date

Were there any changes to the standard payment terms in the reporting period?


Maximum contractual payment period agreed

115 days

115 days due net. Payment terms are negotiated individually with each supplier.

Any other information about payment terms

The Company does not currently have in place a system to capture for all invoices the date of receipt of each invoice. As a consequence the Company has decided to use as the start date the date of invoice.

Similarly, the Company’s systems do not have the functionality to identify for all invoices the actual date that the supplier received payment. Also, the Company’s payment systems are set up only to pay invoices on the due date for payment. Accordingly, in its calculation of the time taken to pay each invoice, the Company has added (in accordance with the UK Government’s guidance) the standard time it takes for a payment to clear in the supplier’s bank account (depending on the method of payment).

This approach has no doubt contributed to an artificial inflating of the number of days it takes to pay invoices. Accordingly, this should be borne in mind when reviewing the Company’s responses to 1A, 1B and 1C above.

Regarding the response to question 1C, if the Company was able to re-set the date of payment 3 days earlier than the payment due date (to ensure each supplier received payment of its invoice in cleared funds), then the actual statistic would be reduced to 5% for this reporting period.

Dispute resolution process

The Company is committed to dealing with its suppliers in a fair, honest and professional manner while seeking best value for the business. We seek to resolve queries as quickly as possible to everyone’s satisfaction prior to payment being made. Our suppliers can contact AP department via email: and should receive reply within 2 working days. These contact details can be found on the purchase orders

Other payment information

Has this business signed up to a code of conduct or standards on payment practices? If so, which?

For example, signatories to The Prompt Payment Code must commit to paying 95% of their invoices within 60 days.


Does this business offer e-invoicing in relation to qualifying contracts? This is where suppliers can electronically submit and track invoices. It’s not just allowing suppliers to email them an invoice.


Does this business offer supply chain finance? This is where a supplier who has submitted an invoice can be paid by a third-party finance provider earlier than the agreed payment date. The business would then pay the finance provider the invoiced sum.


Under its payment practices and policies, can this business deduct sums from payments under qualifying contracts as a charge for remaining on a supplier list?


During the reporting period, did the business deduct sums from payments as a charge for remaining on a supplier list?